"...One of the Fringe's best. It's smart, it's polished, it's honest, and it has a bright future ahead of it."   

"Its simple beauty... makes it a timeless work."   
-Stage Buddy

"...A hit! See it wherever and whenever you can!"
-Applause, Applause

"...the magic in the air was palpable."
- Knoxville Mercury

the unusual tale of mary & joseph's baby

Book by Chris Cragin-Day, Music and Lyrics by Don Chaffer

This piece dares to take the classic story at its word. There really is a pregnant virgin. There really is just a dream interposed between her and death by stoning. There are shepherds, angels, foreign dignitaries (a.k.a. wise men), a ratty extra room/stable at an inn, and a maniacal, bloodthirsty dictator whose menacing shadow hangs over everything. And obviously, it's a comedy.

Seriously, it is. 

With four racially diverse actors, a minimal set, and an emphasis on movement as an expressive device, The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph's Baby surprises both virgin-believing and non-virgin-believing audiences alike.


Past Readings
River & Rail, Knoxville, 2015
Olmsted Salon, NYC, 2016

Past Production
SOHO Playhouse, Fringe Fest NYC, 2016
River & Rail, Knoxville, December 2016
Kings College, NYC, 2017
River and Rail Theatre Company, Oklahoma City, 2017
River and Rail Theatre Company, Knoxville, 2017
Unusual Tale Tour LLC, Oklahoma City, 2018
Unusual Tale Tour LLC, Knoxville, 2018

[Photos from Fringe NYC production, by Godwell Chan, Poster by Robin Easter Design]




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