The Conductor

Don Chaffer’s recording studio, The Conductor, is located on his three acre family property in southeast Nashville, TN. Surrounded by nature, housed in an unassuming outbuilding, this wooden and metal sonic spaceship hosts both classic and offbeat gear, both common and bizarre instruments, and is set up to be supremely efficient to use. It’s like if you could cross one of those famous chefs (Emeril? Is he still a thing?) with Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine… like gourmet awesome, but microwave fast. Perfect.

While the studio is primarily a production house for Don’s productions, it can be rented, schedule permitting. Click the contact link above, and mention studio rental in the subject.

Gear List


'89 Alvarez DY61
'69 Gibson J-45
'90 Taylor 710
'60s Harmony Sovereign
'01 Collings OM1
'60s Stella Blond Parlor
'60s Stella Black Sunburst Parlor
'60s Old Kraftsman Archtop
'76 Guild 12 string
'50s Harmony Classical


'72 Fender Telecaster Bass
'60s Kay Bass (short scale)
Fender Squire Jag Bass (w/ Kay PU)


'60s Bruno Conqueror
'98 Guild Starfire E350
'10 Eastwood Baritone
'97 Fender Custom Telecaster
'78 Gibson SG
'63 Guild Jetstar
'98 Hamer Daytona
'98 Yamaha Pacifica 12 str elec


'60s Kay Mandolin
1882 German Cello


'70s Baldwin Piano
Fender Rhodes Mark 1
Wurlitzer 206A
Magnus Electric Chord Organ
Hammond M-101
Yamaha Electone Organ
Elephant mini grand toy piano
Schoenhut toy piano
Tiny Tot toy piano
Hohner Accordion


Casio SK1
Casiotone 503
Yamaha Portasound PSS-470
Suzuki OM-27 Omnichord
Akai MPK-49 (controller)


'60s Premiere Kit
'80s Tama Imperial Star Kit (concert toms!)
Several Snare drums
Some cymbals
Roto Toms (6", 8", 10")
Custom Washtub Kick
Home Depot 12" Bucket tom
Home Depot 12" Low-Extender tom
Metal Trash & Lentil Snare
Christmas Cookie Tin 10" Tom



Line6 M13
ZVex Fuzz Factory (Prototype)
Full-Tone Full-Drive2
Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer
Crowther Hotcake
Digitech Synth-Wah
Tech 21 Wah
Morley Bad Horsey Wah
Ernie Ball Volume
Ernie Ball Stereo Volume
Various Zoom & Digitech multi-FX (which are probably vastly underrated for the fact that each has at least one particularly cool trick up its sleeve. Turn up your nose at your own peril.)


'60s Silvertone 5xl
'60s Epiphone EA35T Devon Tremolo
'64 Gibson Falcon
Alamo Embassy 2563
Lil' Smoky Mini Amp
CMI Systems SG212
'60s Harmony H400A
'68 Fender Bassman Silverface
'60s Bell Carillon
Bogner 1x12 closeback
Weber 2x12 in Fender Twin cab
Hartke 1x15 closeback
Bogen PA with alarm P.A. horns


(1) AT 4060
(1) Lawson L-47
(1) EV RE20
(2) EV 604
(2) AKG C 414EB
(2) AKG C 451E
(2) AKG C-460
(1) AKG 510B
(1) AKG SA 40
(1) AKG D330 BT
(1) AKG D12
(1) AKG D112
(3) Sennheiser MD 421
(2) Rode NT-1
(5) Shure SM 57
(1) Shure Green Bullet
(2) Shure Beta 56
(1) Shure SM-81
(2) Apex 205
(1) Placid Copperphone
...And a few other 1/4 inch mics that should also not be underestimated.


(2 ch) UA 2-610
(2 ch) Brent Averill API 312C
(8 ch) ADM 1922
(16 ch) ADM 2901 sidecar
(6 ch) Yamaha EM-150 mixer (modded with direct outs. Often used for distortion by radically overloading the preamps.)



Anthony DeMaria ADL 1000
(2) Purple Audio MC77
(2) DBX 160X
(2) DBX 163x
Symetrix 501
DBX 166 (2ch)
(3) DBX 296 (2ch)
Aphex 104 (2ch)
Dolby 361A
Alesis Microlimiter


(20 ch) ADM 1541 eq


Fairchild 659A Reverbertron (spring)
Biamp MR 140 (spring reverb)
Pioneer SR 202 (spring reverb)
Alesis Microverb (dig. reverb)
Lexicon Model 200 (dig. reverb)
Echoplex (tape delay)
Yamaha E1005 (analog delay)
Ibanez AD 202 (analog delay)
DOD R-880 (analog delay)
Alesis Air FX (multi fx)
Lexicon PCM 80 (multi fx)
Electrix MoFx (multi fx)
Electrix Filter Factory (filter)
BSR SE-1 Spatial Enhancer


Pro Tools HD
NI Komplete
Antares Autotune
Antares Avox
McDSP Compressor Bank
McDSP Filter Bank
Waves Diamond
Waves Tape, Tubes, & Transistors
Waves API 550
Waves Bass Rider
Waves CLA Drums & Vocals
Waves Center
Waves EMI TGI 12345
Waves InPhase
Waves MetaFilter
Waves OneKnob Louder & Pumper
Waves Vocal Rider
SoundToys-All Plugins
BombFactory Pultec, Fairchild, & Mooger Fooger Bundles
SonnoxOxford R3 EQ
CraneSong Phoenix
G Force MTron Pro
...and several more.